Tutorial : Preparing Printable Label Sticker Artwork


IMPORTANT! There are THREE main areas in your artwork for you to recoqnize. The followings are the areas. 



- 2mm safe distance needs to be allocated within the artwork.

- This is to allow ±1mm cutting tolerance.

- Please make sure all important elements (TEXT, LOGO, IMAGES etc) are inside this safe zone (2mm boundary distance) from DIE LINE.


3) DIE LINE (Actual Cut)

- Actual cutting line.

- This is the actual size of your sticker.



- Sticker artwork background must extend 2mm extra from DIE LINE (actual size).

- Extension must cover all sides (width & height) 


Sticker Artwork Examples



Why Do We Need To Have Safe Zone & Bleed?


These are the scenarios that will happen when no 2mm SAFE ZONE distance and 2mm BLEED allocated in your artwork for ±1mm actual cutting tolerance.

Bad Sticker Artwork

Preparing sticker artwork



Creating Printable PDF Artwork


Step 1 - Prepare 3 PDF pages.


Printable PDF Artwork

'Full Artwork' must include BLEED

'Full Artwork' must comply with SAFE ZONE, DIE LINE & BLEED



Step 2 - Save all THREE pages in 1 PDF file.


Step 3 - Upload / email to us for printing.



All printable artwork must be in PDF format. You can use Adobe Illustrator / CorelDraw to produce Printable PDF files.


DOWNLOAD sample PDF file.


CLICK HERE to view the SETTINGS to create PDF using Adobe Illustrator & CorelDraw.